Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mission Karnival of Kidz

We have a mission. A mission that we can not guarantee that you will not laugh. A mission that we can not guarantee that you will not say "Awwww." If you should choose to take this mission, we do guarantee that you will have fun. What is your role in this mission to share about kidz? Please review them below and let us know which one you choose!

Role #1: Reader: Minimal participation, for the blogging agent with wallflower tendencies. Mission is to read the Karnival of Kids posts and enjoy. Linking is optional, but will influence the departments promotion review. Mission must be completed every Monday.

Role #2: Linker: Minimal participation with UMPH!, for the blogging agent who wants to stick their toes in the water and help the cause. Your role is pass the info on about the Karnival. Be it covertly or blatantly on your blog. All links are appreciated by the cause.

Role #3: Submitter: Minor participation, for the blogging agent with bragging/blabbing/photographic tendencies. Mission includes the above and a submittal of a post that contains anything about their kids, their kid's kids, themselves as kids, or any kid they know. Stories, pictures, well, just whatever!!! Mission must be completed by Sunday night.

Role #4: Hoster: Major participation, for the blogging agent who like to organize, coordinate, and desires more traffic to their blog. Simply take entries from Agents involved as the role above submits entries to our top secret email box. Password will be provided on a piece of paper that must be eaten after being read. Well, not really, but we are looking into cake.... Once the entries have been receieved to the top secret email box, you will create a post with links to all the entries. Mission to be completed by Monday.

We have on going needs for agents in all roles, however we are needed Hosters for the weeks listed below. If you choose to accept this mission, please email karnival(dot)kidz(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment on this post.

Weeks available: Sept. 19th, Sept. 26th, every Monday in October and November.